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a-lil-whimsyShadow Boxes

I like to refer to these as "tiny windows into a magical world". These multi-media dioramas offer a glimpse into the lives of tiny characters captured in time. They feature miniature dolls made of Cellu-clay over a wire and cloth armature, complemented by hand-painted backgrounds or swatches of antique wall paper, vintage fabrics and other tiny treasures I’ve found here and there. Each vignette tells its own little tale which I’ve printed on my signature tags. The frames have also been distressed to add a rich patina and vintage feel. As with the art dolls, each piece is titled, signed and dated.

I am a proud member of the AMA (Association of Miniature Artists). My shadow boxes are considered a "non-typical miniature" format. Click on thumbnail for close up.

Duchess, shadow box
Alice, shadow box
Tea Party shadow box
Tea Party-SOLD