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Lily's Premiere Collection
ver the last few years I have seen my Art Dolls evolve quite dramatically. The array of new paper clays available to the contemporary doll maker has inspired me to push my imagination even further. In the past I focused on coarsely-textured facial surfaces and larger heads. My pieces now, while no less exaggerated in detail, have smoother surfaces, delicate hands and enormous feet. Throwing caution to the wind, I now favor richer, textured fabrics and layer sumptuous patterns with reckless abandon; the result is elegant opulence. The excitement in discovering a new medium, the thrill in creating, and the joy in sharing has made my doll making journey more fulfilling than ever! Click on thumbnail to enlarge.

It is with this journey in mind that I decided to develop my Expressive Hands Illustrated, an instructional PDF and The Doll Club, an E-zine. Each PDF is now available for sale on my SALES page. Once purchased, you can download either to your computer, print it out to read or upload it onto your mobile unit of choice. Whichever way you choose…I hope you will enjoy them!