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a-lil-whimsyLillian's Workshop

"The ART Doll Workshop"

*All work shown is that of the instructor

As a guest instructor, I would like to share with students the many joys I’ve experienced in the art of doll making over the years. I would like to assure them that they, too, can create “Art Doll” quality work. In the various workshops I offer, students will have an opportunity to work with paper clays, learn techniques for creating an effective armature, and even develop skills in facial painting in order to give a more “natural” look to their dolls. Decide which workshops are right for you. All the workshops are geared to provide valuable skills that will help further your doll making abilities. I will provide step-by-step guidance on how to achieve these goals. We will not attempt to capture realism; instead, my goal as instructor will be to help you express your own personal vision and have a great time in doing so. Book a workshop now!

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Upcoming Dollmaking Workshops
*Just added
*Artist Doll & Teddy Bear Convention Philadelphia, PA "Fairy Baby" Workshop May 4—6, 2017

Artist Doll & Teddy Bear Convention Philadelphia, PA Vendor April 29—May 1, 2016
ODACA Convention Washington, DC Commissioned Artist July 25—27, 2016

Artist Doll & Teddy Bear Convention Philadelphia, PA Vendor April 30—May 2, 2015

Artist Doll & Teddy Bear Convention Philadelphia, PA Vendor May 1—3, 2014

Artistic Figure in Cloth Columbus, OH 2 Workshops April 25—28 2013
Artist Doll & Teddy Bear Convention Philadelphia, PA Vendor May 2—4, 2013
ART.C.Obsession Studio & Gallery
Mt. Vernon, NY
July 8—12, 2013
Brasstown, NC
July 21—27, 2013
Schoodic Arts Festival
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Winter Harbor, ME
"Alice Shadow Box"
August 5—6, 2013
Philadelphia, PA
May 3—5, 2012
Newbury, OH
Shadow Box Workshop
May 18—20, 2012
Layton, NJ
"Art Doll" Workshop
July 13—17, 2012
ODACA Convention
New Orleans, LA
Membership Applicant
July 21—24, 2012
Schoodic Arts Festival
Winter Harbor, ME
"Poppet" workshop
August 6—9, 2012
Ludlow, VT

"Art Doll" Workshop

August 20—24, 2012

Nyack College
Nyack, NY
Guest Speaker
April 21, 2011
Columbus, OH
2 Workshops
April 28—May 1, 2011
Canadian Doll Artist Association
Ontario, Canada
2 Workshops
May 26—28, 2011
Brasstown, NC
July 24—30, 2011
Schoodic Arts Festival
Winter Harbor, ME
2 workshops
Aug. 8—10, 2011
New City Library
New City, NY
Sept. 17, 2011
Sew Sew Doll Club
Andover, NJ
Jan. 16—17, 2010
Ithaca Doll Artists Club
Ithaca NY
March 27—28, 2010
The Guilded Lilies
Columbus, OH
April 17—18, 2010
Stitchin' Sisters
Holiday, FL
Sept. 17—18, 2010
Nyack College
Nyack, NY
Guest Speaker
Dec. 2, 2010

"Lillian was excellent, she gave each student a great deal of personal attention. She is patient with a wonderful disposition, dedicated and professional. I learned a lot and had fun…a great experience!"
—Gracie, Charlotte, N.C.

“Lillian, I have always wanted to know how to do the cloth over wire armature bodies. You have opened a whole new window on the doll making world for me.”
—Sue, Tampa, FL

“Thank you for an outstanding workshop. Armature has always been difficult for me, you have helped me solve this problem!”

—June, Ithaca, NY
"Great class, Lillian worked tirelessly to make sure that everyone was happy with their work...she even helped with patterns and sewing."
—Lynn, Norfolk, VA

"The class was wonderful. Lillian put a great deal of effort into instruction and at the same time encouraging us to try our own ideas."
—Janet, Grove City, OH

"I loved the class. It was more than I expected. Lillian was organized, helpful and filled in all the gaps in my knowledge of doll making. I’ve taken lots of classes and no instructor has been better than Lillian.
Thank you, Lily!"

—Ginny, Athens, GA

"Highly instructive. Was actually very intense at times because of never using the products before...but we succeeded with her expert help. She was phenomenal!"

— LaDonna Sue, Wapakoneta, OH

"Lillian is a very attentive instructor. She worked very hard to insure that every student was successful and happy with their product."
Panze, Charlotte, N.C.

“I took the “Poppet” class and had a blast. Our Art Doll Group hired her and everyone finished their Poppet. Lillian is a fab teacher. Don’t miss a chance to take a class with her if you are in the area.”
—Cyndy, Columbus, OH

"Lillian was a great teacher. We learned so many valuable techniques to creating a good strong armature."

—Colleen, Andover, NJ

7-11 October 2010 Click "Art Is...You" above for details
Ellen, Sallianne, Lillian
Art Is...You 2009 Retreat
Duchess Project
finished project
finished poppet
student project
art is class

This fall I had the pleasure of teaching
at the "Art Is...You" east coast retreat.
It was wonderful to be included among the fine artists that gathered together, teacher
and students alike. Many thanks to Sallianne McClelland & Ellen Purtill-Legare, the ladies who make it happen!

workshop student
close-up, poppet
poppet workshop
students working
students at workshop

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Art Is Silent Auction 2009
"Alice" - Art Is...You Silent Auction 2009

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