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a-lil-whimsyLillian's Workshop
little bo peep, character doll
foundation workshop
Miss Havisham, character doll

"ART Doll Workshop"
*The work shown is that of the instructor
This intensive, 5-day workshop focuses on the making of a doll from start to finish and combines all the skills learned in the “Foundation” and “Finishing” workshops.

Foundation: Constructing a well proportioned armature is key to giving your intended project a good start. This workshop focuses on methods for doing just that. Working with heavy gauge wire, polyester batting and muslin, while taking cues from the human body, my goal as instructor is to help students gain a good sense of proportion and create an effective armature.

Painting: This portion of the workshop offers students an opportunity to learn techniques for mixing skin tones, contouring shadows and adding highlights in order to give a more “natural” look to their dolls’ eyes and faces.

Costuming: In this final phase, students will learn how to dress and embellish their dolls. They will receive guidance in sewing their chosen fabrics directly onto their dolls or, if needed making quick, simple patterns. This is a fun opportunity for all to showcase their sewing skills and demonstrate their talent for imaginative costuming.

This workshop is great for those just entering the “world” of dollmaking and those intermediate doll makers hoping to learn good foundation techniques that will help them further their doll-making skills!