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a-lil-whimsyLillian's Workshop
foundation, alice in wonderland
foundation, body
foundation - princess and the pea

*The work shown is that of the instructor
Constructing a well proportioned armature is key to giving your intended project a good start. This workshop focuses on methods for doing just that. Working with heavy gauge wire, polyester batting and muslin, while taking cues from the human body, my goal as instructor is to help students gain a good sense of proportion and create an effective armature.


two-day workshop (12 hours)
10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. each day


please contact me

Instructor supplies:

fine gauge wire
polyester batting
Paper clay

Student kit fee:

$15.00 per student (one time fee)
collected at the beginning of class

Students supply:

*a sketch of their intended project is recommended

Spool of 14 gauge galvanized wire (available at Home Depot)
masking tape
½ yard light weight muslin
white thread
needle nose pliers
sewing needles
wire cutters
hand held hair dryer or heat gun
hands free cosmetics mirror

Class requirements:

classroom for the day
toaster oven
electric outlet
access to sink with hot water